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No matter when you need residential air conditioning maintenance assistance, you can contact Air Conditioning Pasadena at any time of day and night. Don’t wait till your unit completely stops running. HVAC systems are not just a device, like a flash light or a fan, but this is a much more complicated gear and it requires adequate care and attention. Contact Air Conditioning Pasadena and tell us about your residential air conditioning maintenance issues and we will send our best professionals to fix the problem quickly and effectively.

Consider the layout of your house, including the floor area, the size of the windows, as well as insulation properties in the home before you make a home air conditioner selection call us we can consult with you on the best choice. Many people assume that a large sized residential AC will cool the home faster, thus saving them energy bills. The opposite, in fact, is true. An over sized AC will cool in a short cycles, switching off every time it reaches the necessary temperature reading. This constant switching on and off can drag down the efficiency of your unit, and increase your energy bill. Besides, an over sized unit doesn't eliminate humidity, creating ripe conditions for mold infestation. A small sized residential air conditioner on the other hand, won't cool efficiently leading to constant use throughout the day. Modern house air conditioning units come with an SEER rating. This is the seasonal energy efficiency rating, and it's the recognized way to measure the efficiency of a residential central air conditioner. Ideally, a system with an SEER rating above ten is considered the bare minimum. A number of the most efficient home air conditioners are rated 14 and above.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) that is displayed prominently on every home air conditioner is the best measure of the system's energy efficiency. Look for a residential AC with a higher SEER. If you have trouble selecting the right kind of home air conditioning unit for your home, trust the advice of a reliable and professional residential air conditioning contractor. A home AC technician will not only give you sound advice about the size and type of AC for your needs, but will also undertake residential central air conditioner Installation, HVAC ducting, maintenance and repairs.